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African Honey Bee

The global shortage of honeybee products, especially those that comply with raw and fair-trade standards, means that there are exceptional opportunities for trained, committed beekeepers in these unspoilt areas.

poverty alleviation as a form of agriculture has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the natural environment, including pollination and improved yields of many food crops.


African Honey Bee (AHB) is a Christian Social Enterprise that enables families from severely disadvantaged rural communities to build sustainable micro-poverty alleviation businesses – producing raw honey of unrivalled taste and quality, using environmentally-friendly and ethical poverty alleviation practises.

- In the last two years we have trained over 1600 people in KwaZulu-Natal

- over 1000 (and counting) of these beekeepers (and their families) are actively keeping bees and many have started producing and selling honey.

The programme Focus

- skills development - rural job opportunities

- empowering communities

- social cohesion through savings and microfranchising

- traceable produce, superior raw honey

  • By using available natural resources, combined with the simple gift of vegetable seeds, a young fruit tree, day-old chicks and feed, or a flat-pack (the materials for making a hive), AHB beekeepers and their families can be liberated from the cycle of poverty forever.

Communities be set firm on a path of controlling their own lives and providing for their families through their own efforts, no longer dependent on others for their wellbeing.

  • AHB’s focus on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – whether those assets are one’s family, the abandoned scrap material that can be transformed into poverty alleviation tools or protective clothing, or the timber offcuts that can build a beehive or chicken coop – allows us to give our communities a hand up, rather than a hand out.
  • How? Through family-owned and operated micro-poverty alleviation businesses in rural communities that can profitably compete in local and fair-trade markets.

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For beekeeper development

contact: Guy Stubbs: 082 454 1028


For honey sales

contact: Nicole: 033 330 3762


For bee removal

contact: Nico Grobler: 082 572 9368


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